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Page last updated: 07/10/2005

The Gallery

Welcome to our visual walk back in time. Each week, we will share up to 10 new photos with you for you to take, use yourself, or whatever you wish. If you have any questions at all, please let me know! Remember, these photos are straight from my collection, so high quality they are not! Enjoy!

New photos in - A fun variety of shots, and we look forward to getting more shots from the fans in the future!

89awards.jpg (229336 bytes)
Madonna works it at the 89 VMA's!

aidsshow.jpg (386626 bytes)
Madonna puts in a good show to help AIDS

wtgmovie.jpg (260847 bytes)
Madonna looked so cute as Nikki Finn!

madonnaandsandy.jpg (586807 bytes)
Sandra is being a goofball with Madonna!

rolcandid.jpg (316182 bytes)
Madonna shows up in style!

Madonna with baby during Blond Ambition -courtesy of Marcin

yop.jpg (123373 bytes)
Madonna in a drink commercial??? -courtesy of Marcin

1993.jpg (90917 bytes)
Madonna in 1993 - courtesy of Marcin

mpc_933.jpg (105544 bytes)
Madonna and Jellybean in a rare moment-courtesy of Ziv

Madonna gives you a piece of her mind -courtesy of Ziv

1988.jpg (92477 bytes)
a great shot from the Tony's courtesy of ziv

early madonna courtesy of Ziv!

Gorgeous early shot courtesy of Ziv!

I love this shot! courtesy of Ziv

ki.jpg (38524 bytes)
Madonna exits the scene, courtesy of Ziv

BA1.jpg (65249 bytes)
Take a break for a holiday!
courtesy Jeremy Heshof

BA2.jpg (63082 bytes)
It's a family affair!
courtesy Jeremy Heshof

BA3.jpg (67187 bytes)
There's nothing to it!
courtesy Jeremy Heshof

keestabak.jpg (67236 bytes)
Madonna strikes a sizzling pose!
courtesy of Marc

seanandmadonna.jpg (75337 bytes)
Nice hat, Madonna!

jacket.jpg (51756 bytes)
Wonder what that coat is hiding?

girlielaugh.jpg (79559 bytes)
Madonna enjoys her handsome company!

wtg_oops.jpg (140094 bytes)
What a cutie pie!

gothy.jpg (88364 bytes)
Madonna works that goth look!

vogue.jpg (152830 bytes)
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

swept_1.jpg (708832 bytes)
Madonna Marx! LOL

swept_2.jpg (479914 bytes)
Director and actress take a break!

swept_3.jpg (426958 bytes)
Still wearing that disguise!

swept_4.jpg (384221 bytes)
Off to do some shopping at KMart! LOL

swept_5.jpg (479511 bytes)
We all live in a yellow er, dinghy boat...

sean_m.jpg (287834 bytes)
Madonna and Sean after a workout!

dancing.jpg (478261 bytes)
Dancing and looking good!

moandfriend.jpg (234776 bytes)
Madonna grabs someone's tongue!

liveaid_sean.jpg (330380 bytes)
madonna and sean at live aid

dss.jpg (487536 bytes)
on the set of desperately seeking susan!

birthdayparty.jpg (140855 bytes)
Madonna is a stunner at her birthday party!

bombshell.jpg (536750 bytes)
Showing it off!

gaultier_behind.jpg (44394 bytes)
Madonna hangs out at Gaultier fashion show!

virginguest.jpg (367465 bytes)
Singing for some friends in the 80's!

rosieandmo.jpg (324733 bytes)
Madonna and Rosie Perez hang out!

thegroup.jpg (304616 bytes)
Madonna hangs out with her gang!

moandfan.jpg (111897 bytes)
Madonna and a friend?

wattsamatta.jpg (67856 bytes)
Madonna lays down the law!

copper.jpg (249894 bytes)
Madonna gets in trouble!

moguy.jpg (217843 bytes)
Madonna and Guy Oseary caught holding the bag!

bodyguard.jpg (267904 bytes)
Madonna goes out with her bodyguard, circa 1991!

dance.jpg (187022 bytes)
You can dance!

meeting.jpg (280596 bytes)
Madonna gets together to help in the community!

oscar.jpg (240588 bytes)
Madonna, Michael Jackson, Wolfgang Puck and Mimi Rogers

orange.jpg (142604 bytes)
Pretty in Orange!

cannes.jpg (214137 bytes)
Madonna goes to a private party during Cannes 1991

goosetom.jpg (60537 bytes)
Mo, Sean, and Harvey Keitel for Goose and Tom Tom!

madonnapenn.jpg (251212 bytes)
Madonna has blond ambition with Sean Penn!

maverick.jpg (245694 bytes)
Madonna poses with her proud Maverick artists!

raincoat.jpg (188379 bytes)
The lady's got style!

m_paul.jpg (63188 bytes)
Madonna presents Paul with a special award!

m_rupert.jpg (75842 bytes)
Madonna and Rupert wait for a limo

m_gwyn.jpg (55220 bytes)
M and Gwynnie chat it up a bit

m_rosie.jpg (66932 bytes)
Madonna and Rosie know the score!

m_elton.jpg (26957 bytes)
Yes, Madonna and Elton together and singing live!

m_warren.jpg (97452 bytes)
Madonna and Warren revisit the past!

mgroup_1.jpg (106319 bytes)
Before J.Lo, there was Madonna - she hangs with Marc Anthony

m_kd.jpg (87246 bytes)
Madonna smiles with Ingrid and K.D. Lang

m_mj.jpg (72762 bytes)
Madonna hangs out with Michael Jackson in 1991!

m_chrisbob.jpg (72865 bytes)
Hitting the town with Bob Dylan and Chris Rock!

alek.jpg (38276 bytes)
Madonna and Alek share a moment in 1994

blond.jpg (53679 bytes)
Madonna and Clay Taves after the BA concert!

carson.jpg (51549 bytes)
Carson and Madonna share a laugh!

fashion_show.jpg (44412 bytes)
Madonna and David Geffen at fashion show

gaultier.jpg (68048 bytes)
Madonna at Gaultier fashion show!

blond_1.jpg (74070 bytes)
A material girl!

blond_2.jpg (68358 bytes)
Keep it together, forever and ever!

blond_3.jpg (94387 bytes)
Touched for the very first time!

blond_4.jpg (95660 bytes)
We're rich girls!

blond_5.jpg (128634 bytes)
Showing the moves she's got!

wtgtour_1.jpg (548577 bytes)
Beautiful in blue!

wtgtour_2.jpg (379096 bytes)
Shine bright!

wtgtour_3.jpg (415958 bytes)
Open your heart to me!

wtgtour_4.jpg (483261 bytes)
Spanish lullaby!

wtgtour_5.jpg (551844 bytes)
A tour de force!

wtg_1.jpg (496960 bytes)
Nikki Finn attacks!

wtg_2.jpg (484485 bytes)
showing that laugh!

wtg_3.jpg (347354 bytes)
Nikki's in charge!

wtg_4.jpg (425900 bytes)
Cute as a whistle!

wtg_5.jpg (377165 bytes)
Glamour girl!

lap_1.jpg (501623 bytes)
Like A Prayer ad

str_1.jpg (348976 bytes)
Something to Remember ad

arsenio.jpg (348342 bytes)
ad for Arsenio appearance

wtg_tour.jpg (375001 bytes)
Who's that Girl tour ad

trueblue.jpg (401639 bytes)
True Blue ad