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Page last updated: 07/10/2005

What Dance Means to Me - by Madonna

ďIím a dancer. I know what itís like to watch things and get bored very easily. Thatís why I want to combine dancing, yíknow, just like on ĎSolid Goldí. Everybody watches that. They listen to the music and they watch people dance. Thatís what they enjoy. I wanted to combine that with the old Motown stuff where there are dancers in the back doing all those hand movements and singing background vocals with much more concentration on dance. I wanted to work out a scenario to each song. Thatís what Iím doing right now. Iím building up my repertoire. Iím singing live to taped music and using dancers. Thereís no live band accompanying me. Maybe if I played to some hardcore AC/DC fans they probably wouldnít be into it, but so far everyoneís really liked it.

Dancing is sexually provocative. Itís moving to music only youíre by yourself. Itís masturbatory. Youíre just moving your body to music. Itís like sex. It feels that good to me. I think it feels that good to other people as well. Nowadays people donít dance with each other, they just DANCE!! Itís like getting into yourself, moving your body all around and stuff. When youíre on the dance floor you can feel the bass and the percussion. Itís very primitive and sexual. Itís a wonderful way to express yourself. Am I beating around the bush? No? I mean, itís hard to be really precise about these matters (giggle). Dance and music and sex Ė theyíre all the same thing. It comes from your soul ultimately. To express yourself deep down inside is important. If you didnít youíd be just like a dead person.Ē


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